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Panel Identification Method

Hong Xian Display Technology Limited | Updated: May 25, 2017

With the intensification of competition and the improvement of technical process level, LCD manufacturers improve the standard of raw materials. Strengthen the production and inspection of internal quality control, greatly reducing the frequency of bad spots. Detection of bad points is also relatively simple method, as long as the LCD screen brightness and contrast to the largest (show the white screen) or tune to the smallest (show the whole black screen), you will find how many bright spots and how many dark dots. As long as the number of bad points does not exceed a certain standard, the occurrence of a number of bad points is normal, but it is best not to lower than a-level Panel standard.

In addition, you can use professional test software to test other indicators of liquid crystal display. For example, the software, the Nokia Monitor test, is a testing program that consumers can carry on disk. The software offers a total of 15 options, respectively are geometry (geometry), Brightness and Contrast (brightness and contrast), high Voltage (high-voltage), colors (color), to Panel Display (Control Panel Display properties), Convergence (convergence), focus (focusing), resolution (resolution), Moire (water ripple), Readability (text clarity), Jitter (jitter), Sound (noise) and other items. For the liquid crystal display, in addition to cannot test the response time, other main performance parameter glance, the consumer attention's bad point is nothing else. If the display color purity, contrast, and brightness of the problem, B-class and C-level panels will be no hiding.

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